Pieria is the southwest part of Central Macedonia. It is situated between the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Larissa and has one of the most efficient transport networks in Greece as it ensures easy access to and from all parts of the country and abroad. The local economy is based on agriculture in the lowlands and animal husbandry in the mountains, but also on tourism.

On the West and South part of Pieria you can see mountains such as Olympus and Pieria Mountains while on the East part you will find the great plain of Katerini. The mountains are covered with forests of beech, oak, pine and fir and there are many small rivers and streams that start from here. In the mountains of Pieria there are also some very beautiful villages such as the restored Old Panteleimonas and Ano Skotina.

The coast of the prefecture is characterized by long beaches and natural harbors and has seen great tourist development. Some of the most popular coastal villages and tourist resorts are Platamonas, Leptokarya and Katerini Beach.

Both in the plains and in the mountains of Pieria there are many monuments and churches such as the ancient city of Dion and the Venetian castle of Platamon. Katerini is the capital of the prefecture as well as an administrative and commercial center. Smaller but well known towns, are Aeginio and the picturesque Litochoro on the slopes of Olympus.